Why isn't this fantastic pub closer to home? We found ourselves in Winchester for dinner and didn't find a lot of Yelp reviews for anything in the area. Start Yelping, people! This pub is located along the pedestrian mall in old downtown Winchester, along with a number of other cute restaurants, bars, and shops. But since it was a Sunday evening, The Union Jack was one of the only places open. The British menu had us hooked!

The atmosphere is warm and cozy, nice high ceilings in the dining room and simple decor. Our server brought us a very impressive beer list - sorted by origin and described thoroughly. Very nice. They've got a lot of imports and microbrews, as well as plenty of hard cider and a decent wine list as well. It was very hard to decide, but I chose the Magner's Irish cider and wasn't disappointed. I will definitely be looking at their beer list online as inspiration for future purchases - there were so many interesting ones!

We got the Yorkshire pudding for an appetizer and it was excellent. Don't expect a custard-like "pudding" - this is a pastry with meat and gravy. The entrees were all fantastic. The fish and chips featured a GIANT fillet of fish, breaded beautifully and served with good fries and a side of mushy peas (Brits love their mushy peas). The lamb shank was also huge, very tender and served in a nice thick gravy. And the Sunday-only full English breakfast was definitely authentic. Everything was fried (even the tomatoes) and the plate was heaped with baked beans and English-style bacon.

We were pretty full after all of that, but the dessert menu was also very tempting. So we splurged and split the bread pudding with chocolate and dried cherries and cranberries. And I'm so glad we did! Mmmm. I also got a framboise lambic float - a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in sweet Belgian raspberry beer. It was divine. I have a bottle of the same lambic at home and may have another one of these tonight!

We drove two hours back home feeling very full and satisfied... and now I'm trying to find another excuse to go to Winchester and return to The Union Jack!

P.S. Check out the crazy high-tech Japanese hand dryers in the bathrooms!

Sara M., Berwyn Heights, MD


My wife and I were treated for lunch there by a local bank rep. Walked in and got a warm greeting. The waitress was tossing out tasty ideas since it was our first time there. Loved the atmosphere. I had the bangers & mash. Loved it! My wife had the grilled portobello mushroom sandwich and really liked it. Also we shared a dessert which was a cherry/cranberry/chocolate/custard bread pudding. D-Lish! Again, our waitress was solid. Attentive to needs and knowledgeable. Now we need to try dinner there.

Chris P., Winchester, VA

A massive and varied selection of brews. A great place to go and sample ones you've never had; like Dogfish Head 120 IPA (aka liquid wasted). The staff seem to know their beer and are not afraid to make recommendations. I didn't eat anything, so I can't comment on the food, but a lot of people seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The atmosphere was definitely interesting. There were 30-something guys with fancy striped shirts trying way too hard to look awesome, older couples dressed up for date night and packs of ladies looking for who knows what. Whether you go with friends or go to make friends, I think it would be hard to seem out of place at Union Jacks.

Chris D., Loudoun County, VA

After a long drive back from Indiana, we were nearly home (Manassas, VA) and Winchester was a good stop for an early dinner. We used Yelp to find someplace and came across The Union Jack Pub & Restaurant. The service was amazing. They were out of the wine I wanted but the server went out of her way opening other bottles and bringing out samples just to please me. She could have said, "We out" and left it at that, but she didn't.
The meal was yummy. The authentic Fish and Chips was great. We kidded about the 'smashed peas' on the menu and had no desire to order 'baby food' and again, our server got a kick out of that and brought us a little bowl of the smashed peas so we could have a taste. (okay, for the record, it really is like baby food).

Great service, good food, good prices, great location.

Anonymous Reviewer

this place impressed me. the atmosphere is warm and cozy. my waitress had good recommendations and was nice. i went around 5:45, just in time for happy hour and i ordered the calamari. it was lightly breaded and fried well. very tender and crispy, not greasy or fishy tasting at all. i ordered the lamb shank ($23) which had a lot of meat on it. it was the same size as a turkey leg at the fair. overall it was worth the price. you probably get what you pay for and i got some very good food.

Anonymous Reviewer

Best casual dining/bar in Winchester!

My husband and I really love this place. They have fun, fruity cocktails for me and a ridiculous beer selection for him. The food is good (try the asparagus & blue cheese appetizers) and the servers are nice.
It's generally busy, but not crazy and the live music nights can be really fun.
It's our favorite place to go on a regular night out.

We had a party of 8. They accommodated with ease. We got to sit outside on patio under umbrellas. We had a great time. Service was prompt.
The food was very good. The beer selection and choices is second to none!
A great place to go relax and have an enjoyable evening!

Anonymous Reviewer

The food and atmosphere were spectacular..The staff was friendly and attentive..You need to get in here asap!! 😉

Anonymous Reviewer

I would like to thank the staff here and especially the chef for making battered bangers for me on Sunday April 3rd, 2011. This brought fond memories of having battered Bangers and chips from Snuchhells in Mildenhall, Suffolk England from when I was growing up. This type of accommodation to a new customers request has made my wife and I customers for life.

Anonymous Reviewer

Wow, finally a place that not only serves an impressive selection of beer, but knows how to serve it at the proper temperatures. When beer is served at brain-freeze icy temps the less carbonation is released, ergo, less aroma. Why do I want to drink good beer if I can't taste it? This place has it down. Cheerful, accommodating staff and delightful fish and chips. Perfectly cooked, greaseless fish with a nice snap to the batter and addictive fries. What's not to like? Word on the street is that they have a great burger, but will have to try that on another visit.

Banjo Guy

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